Health Conscious Bundle


Introducing our Health Conscious Bundle, curated to support your holistic wellness journey with a selection of premium supplements and indulgent treats. Dive into the cognitive-boosting benefits of our Lion’s Mane Chocolate, crafted with rich cacao and infused with Lion’s Mane mushroom extract for enhanced mental clarity and focus. Nourish your body with our Multi-Vitamin Gummies, packed with essential nutrients to fill any nutritional gaps in your diet and promote overall health. Harness the stress-relieving properties of Ashwagandha and the immune-boosting power of Chaga mushroom to combat everyday stressors and support your body’s natural defenses. Finally, promote a balanced mood and restful sleep with our 5-HTP capsules, formulated to enhance serotonin production and promote relaxation.

Earn up to 1925 Mushie Points.